JD loves a good wedding planning client, but to be hired by a personal friend ... that just tops the cake! Rusty Reed and Joan worked together for years at a local marketing and economic development organization. Rusty's baby girl, Haley had become engaged and Joan mentioned to Rusty, keep me in mind if you're feeling overwhelmed. 

Haley was an awesome bride to work with. She didn't make a fuss about much of anything. Haley had a plan and if she had questions, she simply asked for my input. They were super fun to work with and since I knew a good bit about their family, when the day-of came along, it felt like a true family affair.

Haley selected wedding colors in royal blue, icy blue and gray. Her bridesmaids wore primarily royal blue, but the maid and matron of honor wore light gray bridesmaids dresses. Her groom looked dashing in his tuxedo with royal blue bow tie and accents.